The Lion Of The Barossa

Written By Craig Thompson - February 22 2016


Doug Brockfield.
December 30 2023

Today , 30th December 2023, I bought a wine crock at a garage sale in Wangaratta Vic. Bernkastel special MUSCAT. Hence my being here doing some research. We love the Barossa region and visit regularly. We live in a wine area of Vic…. King Valley, home of the famous Brown Bros winery.

Dave Ashmore
December 03 2021

Around 1970 my Regiment was visited regularly by senior officers and Ministers of the land. Not to visit me but to spend a day in the Barossa. Our favorite stop over was St Hallett where we were always welcomed by the family and staff. Our options were Claret or Burgundy at 50 cents a bottle. Fond memories.

Barry Causby
October 07 2017

Very apt description of the Carl I know. When I was establishing my vineyard at Concordia and ran into trouble being a complete novice Carl would come over and give me some guidance and help something one never forgets .
Thanks Carl for your help and guidance in setting up Rosedale Farm vineyards.

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