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Petrucco - Udine, Friuli Venezia - Giulia


The Petrucco Family winery is situated in the north- east of Italy at the foot of the Alps, about as far East and North as any vineyard in the country (It is only 100 km north to the Austrian border and 100km east to Slovenia). Ironically Paolo Petrucco was brought to this area in 1973 when he was the engineer for a new commercial ski slope. His payment was a parcel of nearby land, which he subsequently swapped (sight unseen) for the current vineyard site. Since then the Petrucco’s have continually bought land around them to consolidate a significant holding in this revered area.

Petrucco wines are from the top shelf. Whenever I try them their clarity stands out like the peal of a bell or a note in perfect pitch. In terms of my mission to bring quality, rarely seen varietals to Australia, they tick every box.