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Contesa - Collecorvino, Abruzzo

If you went from Rome, on the Mediterranean side of Italy, directly east across the Appennine Mountains, to the Adriatic Coast you would find the province of Collecorvino nestled in the gentle hills 20km from the sea. This estate has been in the hands of the Pasetti family for over a century.

In the dialect of Abruzzo, "contesa" translates to "quarrel". Legend has it that Rocco Passetti's great grandfather had a long term quarrel with a neighbour over a giant oak tree that spanned their boundary. As recompense for the impact the tree roots had on that section of his vineyard, nonno would allow his pigs to feast on the fallen acorns. His neighbour felt that he should pay for the acorns! And so a long term "contesa" ensued.

Contesa has 30ha of vineyards and, while not organically classified, they shun the use of pesticides and grow the grapes as naturally as possible.

The Passetti's are a down to earth family that is committed to creating quality wines at reasonable prices.The reds have stunning colour, are full flavoured and bold but are wonderfully drinkable. The whites are perfumed and delicate.

Contesa is rapidly becoming one of my biggest selling producers.