2022 Guasti Gavi

Guasti Clemente


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100% Cortese di Gavi. Piemonte is principally a red wine region. Gavi is its best white wine. I'll leave the tasting notes to Grant Dickson, owner and sommelier of the great FermentAsian Restaurant in Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. (FermentAsian won Australian Wine List of the Year 2016)   

"Another reason to love the wines of northern Italy, this bursts through the lips, awash with bright citrus acidity. It tastes animated and seems to jet itself towards the back of the throat more rapidly than any of Newton’s laws of motion might allow. As if one’s mouth was full of spawning salmon, desperately flinging themselves over the crest of the tongue. A kiss of almondy bitterness is muddled through the grapefruity mélange and invites delicious counterpoint with anything on the plate that’s remotely fishy."

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